Intuitive Reading with Scanning, Channeled Messages, Cleansing and Guidances.

60mins $250,- Energy Exchange Fee.

-This reading serves to provide Clarity, Guidances and understanding of any rough, confused part of your current life, such as Career, Business, love, health, relationship(s), etc in your current life.
To maximize your time, please be sure to be in a quiet space, this will help you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I will channel and pick up your energy, current situations, and futuristic outcomes when booked.

-This Session include Scanning
-This Session include Energetic Healing for your ‘current moment’ . 

💌Have your Intentional questions ready, along with pen and paper to write as I deliver messages through Phone calls or if you prefer writing or voice recording . 

Be sure to indicate the preferred way to contact (Phone calls or Texting ).

There are Various ways of Reading results.

It is your responsibility to bring the topics on what you’d like to discuss. If messages are meant to be relayed they will be as I am a Medium Certified, Intuitive channeler, Alchemist, intuitive healer, numerologist, and more . 
Be sure to indicate the preferred way to contact when booked. 

There are Various ways of Reading results

Also Read this;
-Prepare, send me recent of any pictures related, name, DOB, etc
-for Messages will be sent Via Email, Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram Etc.
-Phone calls (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.)
-Recording on Voice Notes.
-Paid Upfront.
-When booked, Confirmed, There is no Cancellations or refund. Thanks For Understanding. Re-Schedule posibble ( one time ) and I have to check my own schedule. 

P.S I don’t accept all clients , TIA🙏⚖️💜

Read my FAQ and Rules before booking a session with me.#Please read the Sections below before booking with me.🙏😊

~the FAQ section​ ( Purpose )
 Anyone looking for insight regarding their life, which includes relationships, career, personal struggles, potential futuristic outcomes, Health, healing, etc. Readings/Insights are a great tool for validation and Guidances. 

Legal and health advice: I am neither a Doctor nor Licensed Psychologist and do not offer legal or health advice.  I can, however, help you to navigate the rough parts of your life as you go through any such challenges.
Notes : You are responsible to
make your own decisions and choices. 

How do I best prepare for a reading?  
Come with an open mind and heart. Stay Hydrate. Be in a Quiet Place. And I kindly ask that you refrain from drugs or alcohol the day of the Reading, Appointment for the most accurate results. ❤️🙏😇

When Booked, please send a Proof along with all data needed. And Questions. 

Confidentiality: I take your privacy seriously and vice versa.

P.S.A : Per Spirits Advices 

A spirit medium reading is a three-way system of communication in which a spirit communicates with a spirit medium, the spirit medium receives and transmits the information to the recipient of the reading, and the recipient identifies the loved one in spirit that is coming through and opens themselves up to the messages that are being shared.
and same with Intuitive Reading(s) of any questions, advices, etc. (depends on the Client's Issue, Questions, ETC) 

Highly Consider International Transfer Second option check below.

Payment Options : 
Suggested : Transfer Wise (Wise) / for International Bank Transfer

Please write on the Payment Notes for The Session Fee transfer.💜🙏
Invoice will be send along when all done. 


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For the Highest good of all, Harm None .

With Universal love, gratitude and light always,

Octavia Dingss

Intuitive Reading with Scanning, Clearing

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