Channeling is a healing art.  
A channel is someone who understands energy in a way that is seperate from intuitive abilities, mediumship or most other forms of metaphysics.

A channel is a conduit to the Spirit world and similar to the way energy is conducted through an electrical socket to give light, a channel has the ability to merge their energy with that of a Divine being for messages that are for the highest and greatest good. These can be messages surrounding the souls journey and destiny, messages from your personal team of spirit guides, or messages from friends, family and loved ones that have passed on into the light of the afterlife.

Channeling is different from mediumship in that the Energetic being of the light that is being channelled is merged with my personal energy. Me, as  the person channeling, experiences a direct link I call a tether; offering an unfiltered, uninterrupted flow that streams from the Divine being(s) of light (of God). It is different than mediumship as this involves interpreting energy externally. Channeling is an internal source of energy.

while Mediumship is much like q Three-Way works / having a 3 way conversation except the medium is translating what is being said (much like having an interpreter with a foreign language). Being truly psychic has more to do with specific future events and the like while incorporating this aspect of energy transmission in with either channeling or mediumship. Not all psychics are channels which also holds true for mediums. But all channels are psychic because the Energetic being that is being channelled has access to this information. Channels are not fortune tellers, will not answer questions involving another person’s free will and generally as a rule will not give you tips, methods to fulfill your wishes.

I typically channel messages with and from the Purest Sources, Angelic, Archangelic, Ascended Masters realms as well as Highly evolved spiritual beings.

Automatic writing is a form of channelling and involves allowing spirit, the universal consciousness of the Divine, or your higher self to simply flow through and to create or guide the words that you write or type. Channeled writing is a very effective way to connect as it comes directly to your hand from spirit. It is one of the easiest forms of psychic communication to develop. When you allow your spiritual team to guide your writing, you pave the way to receive insight on how to move forward in your life and ideally develop continuity in the balance of body, mind, spirit, healing. In a reading I will often write what is being channelled directly through me from your spiritual guidance. This is a technique that I teach as well as utilize in either a comprehensive style of reading or one that is done via the email system. This involves asking three pertinent questions and I will respond with a channeled email directly from your spiritual team of guidance.

This is in no way eluding that one is better over the other, it merely is dependent upon the metaphysical gifts/ abilities the person has and what they have further developed through personal growth and their relationship to the Spiritual dimensions.

Channeling can manifest in virtually every aspect of life, not just in the metaphysical sense of providing messages from loved ones. Channeling can take place through automatic writing, recording voice messages, singing, drawing, painting (the arts and creativity) to public speaking, cooking etc.


I am equally strong in all of my gifts. The messages I bring to others are those that are healing in many aspects and span both from the immediate to the long term. I have been gifted from a very early age, which as I understand it, stemmed from a near death experience.

-Energy Work
-Remote Healing
-Remote Viewing
-Remote Work
-Results Methods; Automatic Writing, ‘Art Symbols/Drawing’, Recorded Voice-notes, Vooce Activation, painting (the arts and creativity)  etc.
P.S all depends on each individual’s - and messages. Will be sent when done / Maximum 3 days when booked and worked)

Payment Options Highly Preferred for now: Only International Bank Transfer or Via Wise Transfer Indonesia , US , Europe, Singapore and another Bank Accounts acceptable.

Email :

For further Payment options, details, don't hesitate to contact me.

Please read the Sections below before booking with me.:)

~ FAQ section​ ( Purpose )
 Anyone looking for insight regarding their life, which includes relationships, career, personal struggles, blockages, Healing, potential futuristic outcomes. Readings/Insights are a great tool for validation, Guidance and as well as another Energy work such as Healing, Channeling, Blockages removals, cords cutting, Therapeutic Healing(Methods; Call or Message), soul reconnection, Psychic Reading / Medium Reading, Numerologist, Mentoring (this is currently fully booked. Only per session at the moment.) Email / Contact me for updates and register.

ALSO  P.S I only accept people that I am drawn to. Thanks for understanding.

Legal and health advice: I am neither a Doctor nor Licensed Psychologist and do not offer legal or health advice.  I can, however, help you to navigate the rough parts of your life as you go through any such challenges.
Notes : You are responsible to
make your own decisions and choices. 

How do I best prepare for a reading?  
Come with an open mind and heart. Stay Hydrate. Be in a Quiet Place. And I kindly ask that you refrain from drugs or alcohol the time of the session appointment confirmed for the most accurate results. ❤️🙏😇

When Booked-No Cancellation. 
There is a $30 rescheduling fee. and also depends on my own schedule. 
I don’t provide refunds for cancellations.
Thanks for understanding.

Confidentiality: I take your privacy seriously and vice versa.

P.S.A : Per Spirits Advices 

Payment Options for now : Online Debit, International Transfer (Bank) or Via Wise Transfer. (We have Indonesian Bank accounts, USD, Euro, GBP, SGD, MYR Bank Accounts)/For International.

(Email/Contact me if there is any questions)
Please Check FAQ & Terms before booking with me.

For the Highest good of all, Harm None .
With Universal love, gratitude and light always,

🌏🗝For The World and all sides/Participant. 
Planting extra Good Deeds.💌
A portion of any of your Session Booking and any Purchase of an original Coded ODSS Angel’s Style-inspired design goes to the Charity, people in urgent needs (Non Profits, Individual and Environment, Mother Nature.) to support this Earth, World and Humanity.

Channeling Session - Healing Art

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