"The Gemstone of Heaven.”

Emotional Energy Properties: DRUZY boost creativity, imagination and induce relaxation. It helps awaken positive self-love. It provides a balance in your life to avoid depression, fear, sadness or feelings of abandonment. It reduces stress and uplifts you emotionally.
Druzy (Druse) is considered to endorse strength and promote fresh ideas to guide an individual’s growth. Specific structures of this stone are well-known to have their own various benefits. It is also connected with harmony, patience, and optimistic love.

well-known as “The Gemstone of Heaven.” Its signifying effect on the individual’s body and mind assisted one to get the highest wisdom. Most people believe that Druzy helps its user to calm down, thereby eliminating anxiety levels.
Psychics consider that this gem can facilitate the opening of blocked-up power and help its user find their own vision. Druzy has several healing properties. Overall, the stone cleanses and increases the body’s natural therapeutic properties and reinforces the spirit. It is also believed to offer the stability needed to avoid despair or perverted feelings of panic or fear.
Pendant only*
Weight : 7.65gram

Agate Druzy Geode Pendant

SKU: Angelicdruzy16
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