Activated Amitayus Energy Statue in Gold by Octavia (Channeler, intuitive healer, Ascended Masters Communicator, Angel Messengers and Medium)

Bubble wrapped + box

"Buddha Amitayus, the Buddha of Infinite Life, seated in vajrasana on a lotus throne with his hands held in dhyana mudra and holding the kalasa in his hands."

"Octavia is a gifted intuitive channeler, she works with 12 Tara's Energy and Elements, Guan Yin Pho Sa, Shiva, Parvati, Mother Mary, Maat, and another Ascended Masters beside Archangels, Angels, and Spirits Guides."

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Amitayus (Amitāyus, Tib. ཚེ་དཔག་མེད་, Tsepakmé; Wyl. tshe dpag med), 'The Buddha of Boundless Life' , Infinite — a sambhogakaya aspect of Amitabha, particularly associated with Longevity. Amitayus is mostly depicted sitting and holding in amitayus hands a vessel containing the nectar of immortality. Amitayus is also one of the three deities of long life.
( also called as #WhiteTara )

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Activated Channeled White Tara- Amitayus (Energy in Gold) by Octavia Channeler

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