Activated Vajrasattva 'Energy' Statue in Gold 'frequency' by Octavia (Gifted Channeler, intuitive healer, Ascended Masters Communicator, Angel Messengers and Medium)

Vajrasattva, Longevity, the Great Purifier, among the most powerful and profound healing and purifications techniques in Vajrayana Buddhism. Tranic 

Bubble wrapped + box

"Octavia is a gifted intuitive channeler from a small sacred island, wang cia li, bengkalis island which has many Pure Embodiment Channeler or Chosen Ones, beside her Bio as an Artist, Gifted Medium, Intuitive Healer, she 'Embodied' , Works with Many 'God/Deities, Celestial Beings, Ascended Masters' Energy and 'Elements' , Such as Guan Yin Pho Sa, Shiva, Parvati, Mother Mary, Ma'at, and another Ascended Masters beside Archangels, Angels, and Spirits Guides."
- AL

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More info about : 'Avalokiteshvara' is the earthly manifestation of the self-born eternal Buddha Amitabha, whose figure is represented in her/his headdress, and she/he guards the world in the interval between the departure of the historical Buddha, Gautama, and the 'appearance' of the future buddha, Maitreya. Avalokiteshvara protects against shipwreck, fire, assassins, robbers, negativity, and wild beasts. He is the creator of the Fourth world, which is the actual Universe.
(P.S.A just take this when resonated and tuned jn🙏) 
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In Gratitude
With Metta ( Compassion ) always,

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Activated Channeled Vajrasattva Energy (in Gold) by Octavia Channeler