Activated Vajrasattva Energy Statue in Gold by Octavia (Channeler, intuitive healer, Ascended Masters Communicator, Angel Messengers and Medium)

Vajrasattva, the Great Purifier, among the most powerful and profound healing and purifications techniques in Vajrayana Buddhism.

Bubble wrapped + box

"Octavia is a gifted intuitive channeler, she works with 12 Tara's Energy and Elements, Guan Yin Pho Sa, Shiva, Parvati, Mother Mary, Maat, and another Ascended Masters beside Archangels, Angels, and Spirits Guides."

DM her for another request or appointment. 

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Shipping from Bali, Indonesia.

Working(Activation) days after Purchased Approx 3 - 9 days maximum (depends on the energy of the buyer.)

Highest Divine Blessings,


Activated Vajrasattva Energy (in Gold) by Octavia Channeler