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Octavia Dingss

About Octavia's Journey in Spirituality

Empath medium, intuitive healer, visionary artist and channeler.


  "She had an imaginary friend that she talked with in the mirror and in window reflections mostly.

 Besides that, she has a guardian angel that always helps her when she feels "spacey" or anxious; that's what her family always told her, especially her beloved grandmother, who left her physical body on January 11th, 2019.

 Her grandmother was the one person who understood her and always cared for her, supported her, and protected her in this 3D world. 

She was always the favorite "golden grandkid" out of all of the grandkids in her family.

She has suffered from social anxiety since a very young age, as she is ultra highly sensitive and intuitive. Her family's life turning upside down was also a trigger for this when she was around 5 or 6 years of age.

She has been a victim of abuse several times throughout her lifetime.

She is a survivor of sexual abuse and verbal and emotional abuse, both while she was attending school and in her personal life as well.

It took her years to accept this, understand it, and work to heal herself by using talk therapy and different techniques.

She finally came to understand that all experiences, challenges, and lessons in her life are her "weapons" and "gifts", and she is very grateful to be who she is and for what she has been given: the gifts, talents and power she has received by divine right.

It took her several years to learn about her power and capabilities after she discovered herself through past life-regression techniques and her soul contracts throughout her spiritual journey.

She has been inspiring others and helping as many people as she can ever since this realization,  as it is her life's one true purpose. She is cooperating and working with the universe." - Magdalena S.

Her Spiritual Journey started at very young age. 


-Paranormal encounters continued into her teen years and beyond, through life experiences, stories.. when she is around 12 years old, she understand more about her Gifts, significantly shaping her views about universal spirituality and why we incarnate into the Physical form. 


Through life stories and citation from many years of journaling, keeping all the important, 'mysterious' events, paranormal activities in various way, she is taken on a magical journey to parallel dimensions with the Divine, Angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, ascended masters, past life episodes, as well as confrontations with the wicked, mischievous with the spiritual dark side.


In 2016, Octavia encountered a major life change. she resigned her last job working for people. And she experienced, see the 'dark' or 'yang' side in human. As she always see the Light or 'Yin' side in everyone most of her life. And there she engaged in a deeply challenging journey through a lot of intense experiences, all happened in a row. devastating her 'Mental Health' in Human Psychology or 'The Dark Night of the Soul' in Spirituality that tested her belief in life’s purpose. She came through it all with knowledge of a great universal truth: we are deeply connected to each another, and Love is the key. Love is the answer and the final word. and the Journey is still going . ( written on 18th of August 2020 ) "- Fr.Jc

Middle of 2021, She had Near Death Experiences for three times in a row. while doing Planetary Earth Grid Work (Ley Lines, Earth Chakra, Gate Keeper) - S.


If you'd like to set up an appointment for any Sessions in Spirituality (her abilities)

(she is currently open VERY LIMITED) , NOT all guaranteed for confirmation. thanks for understand .

Come with Pure Intentions, Open Heart and Mind.

Contact Forms (Submission).

For the Highest Good of All and harm none.

Commitment. Justice. Time. Karma. Destiny. Faith. Freedom. Sovereignty.


"I Have NO fear of Death for I Have died countless time." - Octavia Dingss


(Some Testimonials and feedback as we could remember and saved)

"Recognized with her superb ability, power in Spirituality.. well known but such a very humble soul.. working from behind. true leader for us, in this turmoil critical time, her story truly Inspiring and 'wow'... how she conquered all of this alone.. no words!

 one of our favorite leader, mentor, coach, intuitive and healer. knows almost everything and one of the most Authentic, very powerful Intuitive and real Healer with multi talents.. forever grateful to know you and connection....don't hide your gifts.. it is no ego to share this, the world needs to know you.... - Jn- Coach and artist.

Canadian mixed.  


"More than grateful to know and connected with Octavia.

Her sessions and way of teaching... very unique, quick, to the point and she gives her all on every session, programming, plan and very detailed, always extra from her.. Octavia is truly a Precious gift to this world.. thank you beyond words... , love and love with many abundance of blessings to you!! - Mar. ( France in Bali )

"Octavia’s witnessed the interplay of feminine and masculine energy in thousands of sessions, and she says they roughly fall into many personality archetypes and past lives played a Huge role in this.. splendid! 

I (and my friends) love her way of work in healing and how she taught me and my friends to step in fully with our own Personal power, Frequency mastering, Energy, Numerology and so many things we discovered and learning from her... A true powerful genius, inspiration with humility. Thank you very much." - Nat V. & Friends (French) , Merci beaucoup, Octavia ! Sending and giving all love from Paris and France.... 

-"Her Artworks = My Therapy." - MM.S ( Art collector ) 2015

-"Octavia is a great artist, visionary and great soul. A true healer and powerful woman. Love her." - S.L ( US ) 2019

- "I have tried everything in my life, and see many healers, no one can help me. i almost gave up. and i am so bless to meet you, I am so grateful my friend's recommended you, I don't know what else to do in my life anymore, i was hopeless. thanks for all your help and beautiful energy to guide me. you are an Angel to me. Merci Octavia.." - S.M / France ( Artist, Photographer ) 2020

-"Octavia is Highly intuitive, her energy is healing and very powerful. her vision is incredible. multi talented and a true genius." - J.LB / CA ( Activist, Humanitarian )

-"Octavia has a great gift and very powerful. Her insight and interpretation on my personal life were spot on. Her innate ability to clearly see and clarify what my future would hold gave me hope, comfort and confidence to live my life proudly and without worry or fear of the unknown. Thank you very much." - C.K ( Russia, Met in Ubud, Bali )


-"Octavia Dingss una persona fantastica da una dolce voce che tocca il cuore... capace di toccare l'animo, di riaccendere la luce interiore, una persona dalle incredibili percezioni visive...un grazie sincero oggi va a lei che ha trasformato in meglio la mia giornata e spero anche la mia vita ️GRAZIE." -Y.C 

-"Octavia is a great visionary, true healer and powerful woman. Love her."


Octavia Dingss an amazing person from a sweet voice that touches the heart... capable of touching the soul, of rekindling the inner light, a person with incredible visual perceptions... a sincere thank you today goes to her who turned into My day better and I hope my life too. THANK YOU ( Y.C / Italy )

-"Octavia is an extra ordinary Artist and Visionary."

-"Octavia is very delicate and thoughtful. I had mixed emotions when Octavia mentioned and described my Mother and Father, who passed away long time ago were present with me. I have never mentioned them to Octavia before. I was shocked when she knew them, and their Personality accurately. And the messages from them.. she gave me Confident and teach me how to contact with them. 

Octavia is gifted. It was amazing what She was seeing and reading directly correlated to the memories I had with them. I have always been a doubter, but Octavia truly transformed me into a believer. I wouldn't believe she is a totally different person when on session. I thought she will be very active and full of energy, as in daily life, she is very hyper most of the time (laughing). My sincere Thank you, Octavia. My best wishes to your journey, and hope to see you again.." - B.C ( Writer, California, US )


-"I always feel so uplifted, calm and lighter on every session. No more alcohol since the first session.. I feel more confident and aware. You are so incredible and powerful. This is my first time seeing a Person like you in my life. I am grateful my flight got cancelled and B recommended you to me. I had been suicidal and hate my life. I am surprised when you found out and possessed the darkness out. I was unconsciously joined this community from 2016 in S.F. I promised i will keep going and follow the light." - G.L (San Francisco, US)


-"Merci Octavia, -Depression no more. -Getting back to eat  well and bought organic supplements that i am lacking and healthy food today. but, Addiction on sugar (is that count?). frustration are getting better now, feeling lost : that's ok as I know who I'm now.. the betrayed thing is what i have to heal and I'm on it️. I Trust myself and the Universe, Merci Angel, you help me a lot." - M.G (France)

-"Her artworks are impressive." - H.B

-"Every words and artworks touched my heart energetically..thank you so much" - A.



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